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Sargom Fire Protection Engineers was founded in 1965 during the industrial revolution as a member of the Apex Group of companies. Sargom prides itself on the quality of its products and services.

The company rose to become the number one fire protection company in Zimbabwe with a customer base of over 1300 companies which included all the major industrial, commercial and mining companies.


Using strategic partnerships, technology, skilled & motivated manpower and experience we strives to provide a quality fire protection service that emphasizes more on prevention rather than cure.


"Transpareny and Continuity". These two aspects ensure our clients will be made comfortable with the knowledge that servicing methods and account presentations, no matter where in Zimbabwe, will be uniform


We, Sargom Fire Protection Engineers, will at all times provide the best in quality service and backup”


Through excellent service provision and innovative fire protection ideas we put emphasis on Quality and Integrity


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Centa is one of the largest manufactures and suppliers of fire protection equipment and services in South Africa. Centa has established a unique team of fire professionals under one umbrella and Sargom Fire Protection Engineers is proud to be a member of this fine team. The Centa Group of Southern Africa is a selection of the best fire protection distributors in South Africa, Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

These members have come together in a franchise-type agreement to form the largest team of fire protection specialists. Together, this highly efficient team draws on years of combined experience and international expertise to provide the industry with world class products, professional service and committed maintenance. Whilst having the advantages of a large, well established company, each member still owns and runs their business, thus retaining the passion, pride and integrity that have made each member so successful.

Service is undertaken using a service manual ensuring customers know upfront what will be done as well as providing consistency of service.

Sargom Fire Protection Engineers uses the world class computerized servicing management programme ensuring customers of completely transparent servicing of the highest standards. Information from this programme is supplied to customers in the form of an innovative fire log book in which the following is recorded:

  • Site location
  • Job sheet
  • Defect report
  • Certificate of maintenance work undertaken

Sargom Fire is SAZ approved and the technicians are Fire Brigade listed. Group members of the Centa Group work in compliance with SABS 1475 (Servicing of Fire Equipment), SABS 1050 (Reconditioning of Fire Equipment) as well as SABS 0400 (National Building Regulations) as well as DOL, OSH Act, Merchant Shipping Act and DOT, when they apply.

Centa Holdings, the manufacturer, is an ISO 9002 listed company and our products are manufactured to international standards. The factory is fully automated and the production process has been custom designed for optimum quality and efficiency. All Sargom Fire products are SAZ approved as seen by the SAZ logo affixed to all products.

One of the latest developments initiated by the Centa Group is the importation of state of the art servicing equipment which is either fitted to a vehicle, thus creating a fully mobile service unit or used in the workshops to enhance servicing productivity quality.

National contracts are comprehensively controlled from the Sargom Fire Head Office in Harare but servicing is done from several depots in all provinces. The operational regions are divided into two, Northern and Southern region to cut on response times considering the importance of safety in any work environment. For big organizations with industries located in different towns this gives an advantage of dealing with the same representative for all stations and thus easing on teething problems, regulations and standardization.


We protect people, property and the environment by understanding the science of fire and providing quality products and service.

Sprinkler systems

Fire fighters suits and boots

CCTV and access control

Vehicle fire suppression systems

Firefighting foam products

Fire doors

Fire training

Electronic fire protection systems

Back rack fire pumps

Flammable and toxic gas detection

Electronic suppression systems

Portable fire extinguishers

Specialized fire fittings

Self-fire defence products

Layflat hoses

Emergency planning and plans

Risk assessment

First aid skills

Rescue equipment

Marine fire fighting

Firefighting training simulator

Fire detection systems

Fire hose extinguishers and reel cabinets

Foam suppression systems


CENTA is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality, SABS approved fire extinguishers, fire fighting powder, hose reels and hoses, cabinets and signage. We also supply a range of trolley units, accessories, spares and fittings in addition to our corrosion proofed hose reels and fire extinguishers.

  • All
  • Protective Clothing
  • Extinguishers
  • Accessories
  • Trolley Units
  • Hoses + Reels
  • Cabinets


9KG Extinguisher (Single)


Hose Reel Hose EN


9KG Extinguisher (Double)

Protetive Clothing

Aluminized Suits



Trolley Units

25KG Powder (MAP)

Trolley Units

50KG Powder (MAP)

Trolley Units

50KG Powder D

Trolley Units

30KG C02


Layflat Hose 10 bar (65mm)


Layflat Hose 10 bar (65mm)


Layflat Hose 20 bar (65mm)


Standard Hose Reel


Corrosion Proof Hose Reel


Stainless Steel Hose Reel


Plastic Fire Bucket

Protective Clothing

Bunker Suits




Form Dispenser

Protective Clothing

Protective Boots






Smoke Detector


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